As we know, Hanoi is the capital of our country, and of course this beautiful land Hanoi is a center of politics, culture and tourism of Vietnam. Worth mentioning here is that Hanoi is one of the attractive tourist destinations in the world with lots of good food, nice location and gracious man, which attract many foreign tourists to Hanoi every day
Recently, with the acquisition of the cultural advancement of the Western countries, the tourism team building emerged as a form of tourism combined with collective action to help relieve the stress of work and build a professional business culture and always know each other at work to create a strong collective organization.

Furthermore, tourism combine team building event for foreign enterprises will be a real experience for all members and these mutual groups via various challenges with an aim to learn how to survive, and many other skills in business like leadership, team work, negotiation skills, and problem solving skills...

With many great locations, CHARM’S VIET team building & event Company in Hanoi developed quickly to satisfy the needs of many enterprises, to diversify the forms of tourism, especially tourism combined with team building & event activities

CHARM’S VIET recently announced, the first 2 quarters of this year has served to 200 delegates traveling to Vietnam for meetings and doing business trips Particularly CHARM’S VIET 3 months of the year saw more than 60 delegations with nearly 10,000 people for MICE activities. To serve MICE tourists at end of the year, the Group has invested international conferences systems quality. Leads to 30% also for the more than 100 guests and many attractive gifts like attached bags, caps, calendars, donated the entire cost of domestic travel insurance (rebates up to 100 million / person / service) 

In addition, CHARM’S VIET also provides full service with 50% discount for the first purchase using the service events (team building, picnic, celebration meeting, opening ceremony, exhibitions, rental audio, lighting, karaoke, projection screen, projector, flip chart, equipment and services) and import hundreds of new machinery and equipment, all kinds of devices from audio equipment, loudspeakers, set projectors, equipment and services ... with the configuration, capacity, resolution up to maximum power.


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