Half day team building in Hanoi

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Managed to set aside time to get everyone together to build relationships and bond over activities? Each of our teambuilding programs are designed to be ½ day (3hrs) called a half day team building in Hanoi

CHARM’S VIET fully understand your requirements of flexibility, customization and engagement. Our signature activities can be adapted to meet your corporate values and you can mix and match any of our programs together to create your perfect combination of one day team building program in Hanoi. Half day team building in Hanoi is provided by CHARM’S VIET will bring many valuable lessons for all team players, not to mention about the connection and improvement of team work via various unique challenges in the ancient city – Hanoi.

If you have any request or question about teambuilding activities or events in Hanoi , especially Amazing Race team building activity in Hanoi, please contact us as information bellow


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