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A famous Team building company in Hanoi, CHARM'S VIET have been providing Corporate Team Building Events in Hanoi to the Vietnamese market for nearly 20 years. We have a wide range of team building activities in Hanoi and other cities of Vietnam to choose from and cater for very small groups of less than 15 to larger groups of up to 1,000 people.

Code Breaker
Work together to crack the code in this brilliant team-building exercise in Hanoi for full day
It only takes 50 minutes and is really great fun. The whole group will work together to break the codes to unlock the safe.
Teams are given a selection of locked boxes and props, the team must crack the codes using their combined creativity within the time provided.
The event begins with a message delivered by the event co-ordinator who will invite the teams to break the codes before the countdown clock hits zero. All items that are needed to crack the codes are provided but need to be uncovered.
Teams will use creative thinking rather than physical power to open each lock. For each puzzle that is solved will lead to another until all the problems are solved. This is all about how teams communicate effectively to solve a problem, there is no room for solo runs by individuals and it is all about joined up thinking..

Key Business Benefits are included:

Problem Solving
High Energy
Strategic Thinking
Team Work
Numbers: 20 – 100
Location: Any suitable location
Approach: Competitive

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